Tablets or Capsules?

Friday, 11 March 2011  |  Admin

Some of you may be confused (or annoyed) by sometimes receiving capsules and sometimes tablets for the same product.

We have traditionally filled all our own capsules but, as business has increased, we just don't have the time or facilities to do that. We are reluctant to buy automatic capsule fillers because of the necessity to add excipents to the herbal extracts to keep such machines running smoothly (and also because of the expense). So, after much searching, we found a small UK company that can make tablets for us. The only drawback is that they can only do quite large runs, which means sending them a large amount of herbal extract, the cost of which is typically around £20,000-50,000. We are still a small company and these costs are very large for us, so when a batch of tablets is used up, we sometimes have to go back to capsule filling for a short time until the bank balance allows us to buy another large batch of extract.

Lack of capital also prevents us from investing in manual filling machines for various capsule sizes, so we  use only the size 00 capsules, which aren't the largest available and are the most common size for medicines. Hence the necessity of producing, for example, the Maritime Bark 150mg and 50mg in the same size of capsule.

I hope you will bear with us during this difficult time, sales are increasing quite rapidly and we hope to have more products available in smaller tablet form in the near future.

Wishing you all Good Health

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