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Cranberries - Rich in Antioxidants

22nd Aug 2016 | Admin

Cranberries - Rich in Antioxidants

In terms of natural goodness, cranberries are one of nature’s most powerful providers of nutrients and antioxidants.

Cranberries are extremely high in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and also minerals such as manganese, copper and potassium. They also register very low on the calorie counter – so perfect support for weight loss – but very high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the good fats we all want and need for optimum health.

Cranberry – powerful destroyer of unwanted bacteria

One of cranberry’s most celebrated virtues is its ability to inhibit movement of harmful bacteria around the body. In particular, the anthocyanadin impact on urinary tract infections is a blessing for everyone but especially for women.

Key benefits to health of cranberries

High in antioxidants

20% of daily fibre requirement

24% of daily vitamin C needs

High in Omega-3 and Omega-6

Fights infection

Supports cardiovascular good health

But what about the taste?

Ok, let’s be honest, not everyone is entirely enamoured with the taste of cranberries. Very sharp, bitter and not exactly known for causing over-indulgence! In fact, too much cranberry can be detrimental to health due to its oxalic acid content.

But the benefits are incredible. So the key to enjoying those antioxidant and vitamin and mineral benefits is control. Control the levels of consumption and monitor your daily nutritional intake.

A daily food supplement contains exacting nutrient levels

Instead of eating cranberries or drinking the juice - an acquired taste, for sure – many choose to take a daily cranberry food supplement and for many reasons:

  • Nutrient intake control
  • Concentrated antioxidant benefits
  • No bad taste
  • Destroys bad bacteria

The ease and convenience of getting all the benefits of cranberries in an easy-to-swallow food supplement is extremely appealing and a daily routine for a vast number of people.

Many of us perhaps think of cranberries just once a year. Lovely on the table to accompany our seasonal food of choice, but please do remember that cranberries aren't just for Christmas – they're a healthy and nutritious option all year round.