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Don’t let digestion issues upset your travel plans!

9th Aug 2016 | Admin

Don’t let digestion issues upset your travel plans!

Don’t let digestion issues upset your travel plans!

Travel digestion pots

We are in full summer swing and whether you’re one for staying at home or like to travel abroad, the results of your food intake can have a dramatic effect on your trip being memorable for the right reasons or not.

There are many natural ingredients which can help support the digestive system to ensure the friendly bacteria we like to encourage dominates the bad and upsetting bacteria that causes problems. This is called ‘pathogenic’ bacteria and we simply do not want those bad boys flying around.

If you’re packing a bag or would simply like to prepare yourself to be a little more robust with your food digestion, there are many natural ingredient products you can take to encourage victorious good bacteria over bad.

Amino Optima

Rich in amino acids, Amino Optima helps boost the immune system and regenerate damaged and ageing cells. The power of its cell reproduction ensures the body can self-heal and overcome damaging free radicals and bad bacteria.


Cranberry juice, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C is a great stomach-settler and fighter of urinary infection, especially for women. Its ability to kill bacteria is a huge relief for a lot of people and can also be taken as a preventive measure in preparation for trips away.

There are some who dislike the taste of cranberry juice so perhaps a cranberry food supplement would suit you better if that’s the case.

cranberries for digestion


Full of protein and lean tissue with fat burning capabilities, spirulina is a type of algae which reduces cholesterol to help keep arteries nice and clear. It can boost the immune system as well as fight infection, cleanse the digestive system and increase energy for those who use it regularly.


Turmeric is extremely effective for many who look to relieve bloating and discomfort caused by a change in diet routine or food types consumed; rich foods on holiday, for example.

turmeric digestion


An algae cousin of the aforementioned spirulina, chlorella is bursting with amino acids and is an incredibly effective detoxifier. Very high in vitamins A, B and C, its zinc and iron content contribute greatly to a powerful immune system, helping enormously with digestive control and efficiency.

These are just a few suggestions to help up the ante on your digestive system, not only for travel purposes but as a general guide for a healthy lifestyle.

And if you are travelling soon, may it be a safe and hassle-free trip with an agreeable following wind!