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Let's go nuts for nuts!

14th Jul 2016 | Admin

Let's go nuts for nuts!

We are absolute nutters!

We love a bag of crisps as much as the next chomper, but they’re not exactly top of the healthy snack list are they?!

Of course, a little of what you fancy does the power of good as far as foodstuffs for the soul go. Who doesn’t love a cheeky cup cake? Then of course there’s the medicinal red wine, but that’s another story...

And so, back to snacks, food and grazing is one of life’s pleasures so why not make it work for your health by choosing the snacks that are genuinely good for you?

“Snacks that are good for you?! Seriously?” I hear you ask? That’s nuts. Well yes, that’s the point, nuts are brilliant snacks. So let’s start by extoling the virtues of one that is known as 'the smiling nut' – The Pistachio:

Pistachio graphic

1. Less than four calories per nut.

2. Rich gamma-tocopherol, an antioxidant we just love

3. Loaded with potassium so good for muscles and the nervous system

4. Packed with vitamin B6 and good for the immune system and balancing mood

5. High energy content with the mono-unsaturated fatty acid ‘oleic acid’.

6. Rich source of vitamin E which is good for skin, eye and brain health

7. Good mineral content including: calcium, iron and magnesium.

8. Lowers cholesterol

9. Supports a healthy prostate

10. They provide 144% of your recommended daily amount of copper!

So the next time you're in your supermarket of choice and the offer on crisps or chocolate jumps out and slaps you in the face, think about what good it can do for you. Not much at all.

And then have a think about 'the smiling nut'. It's so good for you, you'd be nuts not to stay away from the crisps.