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How to maintain fitness and health happiness

21st Sep 2016 | Admin

How to maintain fitness and health happiness

Generally speaking we all want to be the healthiest possible version of ourselves, right? And with the current dominance of social media, we can’t help but aspire to look like the walking adverts of toned muscle and health we’re exposed to; plastered all over sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

While it’s well known that the well-exercised body requires a great deal of hard work and commitment in order to become the image we want to see looking back at us in the mirror, that small guilty voice in the back of our mind still hopes that just switching our chocolate snacks for cashew nuts and our chips for a bit of salad will make all the difference.

The truth is these little changes arenecessary for you to reach your goal of health and fitness. So believe it or not, it’s do-able but I think we’d all agree it would be an easier path to tread using baby steps. Don’t run before you can walk! We don’t need to deprive ourselves of everything we love to eat – health and happiness come hand in hand, which means it is possible for you to be fit and healthy while still having that occasional, beloved, chocolate bar after your lunch. Fruit’s great for you, in moderation, but the term ‘forbidden fruit’ refers to what these widely adored treats would become if we made them completely off limits – and that kind of fruit really isn’t so good…

Trading in your favourite treats for healthier options can be an upgrade!

You may consider switching that chocolate bar from milk chocolate to dark chocolate! You still satisfy your desire for a little something sweet, but dark chocolate includes less sugar and also contains more of the antioxidants present in cocoa beans to help protect you against potential diseases.

Dark chocolate is also one of the top foods that help preserve dental health! As well as being an immune system soldier, dark chocolate’s richer taste helps alter our sweet tooth so we not only crave less sugar - which tends to be the main culprit for weight gain - but also means anything sweet we do intake will taste even sweeter. Bonus!

Of course, don’t go crazy on dark chocolate now, whilst it’s better for you than milk chocolate, having it in large doses will soon show you it’s not much more kind to your body’s fat percentage than the milk chocolate you’re looking to replace.

Exercising…that word doesn’t have to be so dreaded…

The bad news (for some) is that exercising is more or less a vital element of your journey to health and fitness success, the journey will never be easy. BUT, and this is a big but (excuse the pun..), it can be worth it. The more you exercise, the more you start to see the results, and the more you see the results, you become addicted to seeing your hard work pay off. Because of this, you start actually enjoying the exercise as you know you will reap the benefits later; you’ll be your own living proof that it all works!

Need a helping hand?

It almost goes without saying that all these changes require a lot of commitment. There may be times when you just think ‘oh is it really worth all this?’ ‘life’s about being happy - I’ll have that biscuit if I want it…another one is alright…ah, just one more won’t hurt…oh five biscuits isn’t that much’. You’re bound to need a bit of help or motivation along the way, and you’re allowed slip ups, no one’s going to punish you! You’re doing this for you!

With this in mind, there are some 100% natural supplements that can be called upon to come to your rescue to help you maintain the pace on this journey. Cranberry Gold, for example, can provide you with the vitamin C and antioxidants that are found in cranberries and cranberry juice. The good thing about Cranberry Gold is there is no need to endure the bitterness of the berries or consume the added sugar and preservatives present in cranberry juice.

For added weightloss support, you could try our Active Health range of supplements and powders in conjunction with regular excercise. Obviously these supplements and powders can’t be solely depended on for your self-transformation, they’re just good support for that little extra helping hand.

Once you start to see your body improving and you’re feeling healthier and happier by the day, the key is to maintain the lifestyle changes you’ve made to help you reach your health and fitness goal.

It’s true I said health and happiness come hand in hand, and this isn’t just because the healthier your body is, the happier you’ll feel in yourself. Knowing you’re in better shape and seeing your body reap the benefits of all your hard work will make you feel on top of the world!