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Pre-Workout Powder

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Pre-Workout Powder

We have designed a unique, caffeine-free blend of ingredients to help you power through your training sessions, keeping energy levels up and building muscle as well as helping to prevent muscle damage.

Current Batch Number: 1701309

Current Best Before Date: 12/2019


  • Add two scoops (20g) to water and consume 15-30 minutes before exercise.
  • Try it with our shaker bottle, it's the perfect partner!

Ingredients per 20g serving

  • L-Arginine 3500mg
  • Instant BCAA 3000mg
  • Citrulline Malate 2520mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate 2520mg
  • Beta Alanine 2000mg
  • Beetroot Extract 10:1 2000mg
  • Fructose 1800mg
  • Mixed Berry Flavouring 1000mg
  • L-Carnitine 1000mg
  • Panax Ginseng 540mg
  • Cayenne 50mg
  • Sucralose 40mg
  • Vitamin B6 30mg


  • Not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Take with caution if you suffer with asthma.
  • Take with caution if you have an active virus.
  • You may experience pins and needles, this is normal.

Drink plenty of water after consumption.

The Benefits of our Pre-Workout Supplement

  • iBCAA
    • Branch chain amino acids consist of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which the body cannot produce itself. BCAA help to build and maintain lean muscle and reduce muscle damage.
  • Citrulline Malate
    • An amino acid that boost nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow to muscles aiding performance and endurance. It has also shown to help in the prevention of muscle soreness.
  • Creatine Mono
    • A protein that is made naturally in the body. It is supposed to enhance performance when exercising and fuel muscles during high intensity activities such as weight lifting or sprinting. It should also aid recovery and promote muscle growth.
  • Beta Alanine
    • An amino acid that is used to make Carnosine. Carnosine allows for increased endurance during high intensity exercise by helping to offset the build-up of lactic acid preventing fatigue.
  • L-Carnitine
    • A non-essential amino acid, which is essential for energy production. As well as preventing fatigue, it may also help to burn fat.
  • Beetroot Extract
    • A rich source of nitrate, which are converted in the body into nitric oxide (NO). NO helps to widen blood vessels, which increases blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the muscles making them more efficient.
  • L-Arginine
    • A non-essential amino acid made naturally in the body. Arginine increases nitric oxide production in the body allowing for increased blood flow to the muscles, which helps with performance during exercise. It also promotes recovery.
  • Panax Ginseng
    • Taking Ginseng before exercising can help performance and prevent fatigue by supporting oxygen intake. It can also aid post-workout recovery by reducing muscle damage. Ginseng can also help keep you mentally focused.
  • Cayenne
    • Cayenne contains Capsaicin, which can enhance metabolism and help to burn fat as well as aiding digestion.
  • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B6 contributes to a reduction in fatigue and tiredness.
  • Fructose
    • Fructose can give you an energy boost. It also makes the powder palatable. Citrulline Malate can taste salty so adding the fructose adds sweetness.
  • Sucralose
    • Gives an extra kick of sweetness to enhance the flavour.
  • Berry Flavouring
    • Adds a fruity, berry flavour to the powder.


*Product reviews are the opinions of customers. Individual results may vary from person to person.


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  • 5
    Really helps!

    Posted by Sophie on 1st Feb 2018

    I use the pre-workout before gym workouts and especially before my kettlebell class, which is very intense! Even without any caffeine it really helps me stay focused and I definitely feel like it helps my endurance. Good stuff.

  • 5
    It definitely works

    Posted by Dave on 12th Jan 2018

    I definitely notice the differene when i use this pre-workout powder. My face and hands start to feel tingley which i guess means its working! i can work out for longer without getting tired. i drink half before i get to the gym and the other half while im there to get me through! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who exercises