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Amino Optima - The Essential Amino Acid Supplement

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Free UK Delivery over £39


Unfortunately, we are no longer confident we will be able to re-stock this product after continuous problems with the manufacturer and importing. We know many people have been waiting for this and we apologise however, it is completely out of our control. We will continue to source an alternative product.

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Your Essential Amino Acid Supplement Booster

What is it?  Amino Optima is a fantastic product from Supplement Place using pure Norwegian YTE®, a highly bioavailable source of the 23 most needed Amino Acids by the human body - the very stuff of life!

The only supplement containing 100% pure YTE.


  • Take two capsules in the morning and one at night.


  • Norwegian YTE® 635mg
  • HPMC Capsule

Not suitable for vegans.


  • This product may not be suitable for vegans/vegetarians.
  • Allergy warning: Do not take if you are allergic to eggs.

There are no known contraindications associated with taking YTE®.

What is YTE®?

YTE®, or Young Tissue Extract, is extracted from fertilised hen eggs after they have been incubated for 9 days. The patented extraction process collects the essential nutrients from the egg white, which are then dried and powdered. The timing of the extraction process is critical - on day 9 the concentration and relative ratios of amino acids, proteins, peptides, vitamins, minerals, and all the other life-giving properties are perfectly formulated for the development of new life. There have been many studies and trials carried out on YTE®, all using a daily dose of 1600mg. Our Amino Optima capsules each contain 635mg of YTE® so you need 3 capsules daily for a dose of 1905mg.

Competitor Price Comparison

We used to have a table here showing how expensive our competitors YTE supplements were in comparison to ours. We had to remove it because:

1. None of our competitors sell a pure YTE supplement anymore. (They add things like inulin and selenium).

2. None of our competitors come close to our capsule strength. Ours are 635mg. Get Your Boom Back's are 400mg and Laminine's are just 316mg, and of those three, only one uses geniune Norwegian YTE®. One seller even claims that their product contains "4 times more YTE® than our competitors", which just isn't true - compare their 400mg with our 635mg per capsule!

3. Ours are BY FAR the best value. A month's supply of Amino Optima costs £39.95. A month's supply of Get Your Boom Back's YTE supplement costs £69.00. A month's supply of Laminine costs £119.40!

But like we said, these are not fair comparisons because Amino Optima is in an entirely different league than these products.

* Note: Unlike Laminine and others, our Amino Optima is never sold via an MLM (multi-level marketing or pyramid selling) scheme.

Amino Optima (Amino Acid) Benefits

Research into the effects of YTE® confirm that it can provide a range of important health benefits, including:

  • Maintaining healthy levels of cortisol, a hormone produced in response to stress. Although cortisol is useful in escaping from stressful situations, the modern lifestyle maintains this stress response even when it isn't necessary.
  • Regulation of the production of serotonin, required for mood, appetite and sleep, and also for wound healing.
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Moderating of the stress response
  • Improving collagen production, thus making cells healthier, and also improving the appearance of ageing skin.
  • Improving stamina
  • Increasing libido
  • Enhancing muscle tone
  • Improving brain function, concentration and memory
  • Contributing to an overall sensation of wellbeing

The full list of the 23 amino acids is:

1. Alanine
2. Arginine
3. Asparagine
4. Aspartic acid
5. Cysteine
6. Cystine
7. Glutamine
8. Glutamic acid
9. Glycine
10. Histidine
11. Hydroxyproline
12. Isoleucine - Essential
13. Leucine - Essential
14. Lysine - Essential
15. Methionine - Essential
16. Phenylalanine - Essential
17. Proline
18. Serine
19. Threonine - Essential
20. Tryptophan - Essential
21. Tyrosine
22. Valine – Essential
23. Ornithine

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Current Best Before Date: 11/2021



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