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Supplement Place is a family run business that has been operating for over 15 years in the UK. From the day we started, each product has been thoroughly researched and made using the highest quality ingredients so that we can honestly say we don't sell anything we wouldn't be comfortable taking ourselves. This means we can confidently offer supplements to family, friends and to all of you. We take pride in supplying products without unnecessary fillers, preservatives or chemicals. Just healthy, natural supplements at affordable prices.
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At Supplement Place we concentrate on the highest quality products, sourced from sustainable sources where possible, using tried and trusted methods to extract the maximum concentration of active ingredients. Around 95% of our ingredients are bought from trusted UK importers, the remaining 5% come from within the EU or from the USA.

All raw materials intended for use in capsules or tablets are sent to a UK capsule filler and tablet maker, cGMP certified, whose main business is pharmaceutical manufacture, and specify exactly what additives are required. These additives are from vegan sources where possible and are necessary to help the powders flow into the capsules smoothly, and, for tablets, to ensure that they stay whole until they enter the stomach, where they break down quickly.

Capsules are filled using only vegan HPMC capsules, and contain the maximum amount of ingredients without unnecessary fillers, binders, flow agents, disintegrants, lubricants, preservatives and all the other excipients required for mass production, using high-speed capsule fillers.

For packaging we use either heat-sealed plastic "letterbox-friendly" recyclable pots or pharmaceutical-grade heat-sealed foil pouches, both of which will keep the product fresh and will not admit any light, which could denature the product. Most of the packages we send will fit through a standard letterbox.

We all want to spend our hard-earned cash on affordable products, and our supplements will give you the best for less. Avoid cheap alternatives that may contain up to 90% chemical fillers.

WWF-UK. Registered charity no.1081247 (England and Wales) and SCO39593 (Scotland)

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