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Rewards Programme

About our rewards scheme.

We have implemented a new rewards and loyalty points scheme, which allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts, money off and even free products!

How it works.

At the right hand side of our web page you will see a purple banner saying "check rewards". For any customers that already have an account this should link with the loyalty programme and any points you currently have will show. For new customers, by creating a new account this will automatically enter your details into the loyalty programme.

How to earn points.

You can earn points in a number of different ways and these points can be redeemed for rewards.

  • Placing an order: Members will receive 1 points for every £1 spent in our online shop.
  • Completing a profile: Members will receive 100 points for completing a profile, which will ask for details such as gender and Birthday.
  • Your Birthday: We would like to give our customers a special gift on their Birthday by giving them 100 points.
  • Referring Friends: We will reward members with 250 points when their friend makes their first purchase.
  • Liking and Sharing on Facebook: Members will receive 100 points when they like our facebook page and another 100 when they share our store.
  • Following and Sharing on Twitter: Members will receive 10 points for following us on Twitter and another 10 points for sharing on Twitter.

What are the rewards?

150 Points: 5% off your next order.

250 Points: 15% off your next order.

400 Points: £5.00 off your next order.

750 Points: £10.00 off your next order

1000 Points: Free Product! (Wholefood Multivitamins & Minerals)