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BHB Ketones (Chocolate & Sea Salt)

Brand: Supplement Place
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BHB Ketone Salts

Delicious BHB Exogenous Ketones supplement with organic cacao nibs, natural chocolate flavour and no sugar. Cacao is a good source of antioxidants.

BHB kick starts the body into burning its fat stores for energy. BHB is particularly effective for those on a low carbohydrate, high fat, or ketogenic diet as well as those that practice fasting. The human body can generate energy from either glucose, produced by the body from carbohydrates in the diet, or from ketone bodies, produced from fat. Fat is a much more efficient fuel than glucose and its conversion into energy, and the associated benefits provided, are far too varied to mention here.

Our BHB Ketones are a combination of sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Packaged in 500g pouches.


  • Three flat scoops added to 250ml water or milk 1-3 times a day.

Ingredients per 15g serving

  • Beta Hydroxybutyrate 10.55g (mineral content: sodium 0.63g, calcium 0.57g, magnesium 0.32g)
  • Organic cacao nibs 3g
  • Natural chocolate flavour 1.19g
  • Stevia 0.27g

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


Can cause intestinal discomfort at first, in this case reduce serving size and increase gradually.

The Benefits

  • Weight Management
    • Supplementing with BHB exogenous ketones induces the body to start burning its fat stores for energy (a metabolic state known as Ketosis).
    • BHB is particularly effective for those on a low carbohydrate or Ketogenic diet and those that practice fasting. Limiting carbs in your diet can affect energy levels, but BHB Ketones help to avoid fatigue - the so-called 'carb flu'.
    • Ketogenic diets may help to reduce appetite by regulating hormones.
  • Athletic Performance
    • BHB Ketones can improve endurance and energy during exercise as well as increasing fat loss without reducing muscle mass.
    • Without the intake of carbs in your diet for energy your body will use limited stores of glycogen. When these stores are depleted your body will start using energy from fat stores.
  • Inflammation
    • BHB can help prevent neuroinflammation, which can contribute to diseases such as Alzheimer's and skin diseases.
  • Mental Health
    • BHB Ketones can improve memory and focus and reduce the risk of cognitive diseases such as dementia. It could also help recovery from memory impairment.
    • It can also help improve your mood.
  • Blood Glucose Levels
    • Ketones have been shown to lower blood glucose levels so can be beneficial to those with type 2 diabetes.


Nutritional Breakdown per 15g per 100g
Energy values, kCal/kJ 39.6/166.95 264/1113
Protein 0.96g 6.4g
Fat 0.48g 3.2g
- Saturated Fat 0.3g 2.0g
- Mono-unsaturated fat 0.17g 1.1g
- Poly-unsaturated fat 0.02g 0.1g
Available carbohydrate 6.95g 46.3g
- Total sugars 0.36g 2.4g
- Dietary fibre 1.85g 12.3g
Sodium 507.15mg 3381mg
Moisture 0.57g 3.8g
Ash 4.2g 28.0g


Current Batch Number: 2100088

Current Best Before Date: 03/2023


*Product reviews are the opinions of customers. Individual results may vary from person to person.

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Our long-established, family-run business sells the highest quality supplements with no nasty additives, chemicals or fillers, so you can be confident you're getting 100% natural products at affordable prices, UK wide.
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Our long-established, family-run business sells the highest quality supplements with no unnecessary fillers or additives, so you can be confident you're getting clean, natural products at fair prices. Available worldwide.

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