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ClearVision Capsules 300mg

ClearVision contains French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (min. 95% Procyanidins) and a European Bilberry Extract standardised to contain at least 36% anthocyanins. Procyanidins and Anthocyanins are both powerful antioxidants.

Bilberry has a long history of use for eye health. We encourage customers to research the products.

View this page for detailed information on French Maritime Pine Bark extract.


  •  Take 1-2 capsules daily.


  • French Maritime Pine Bark Extract 95% Procyanidins 40mg
  • European Bilberry Extract 36% anthocyanins 80mg
  • Rice Bran 180mg
  • Plant cellulose capsule

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Current Batch Number: 1701328

Current Best Before Date: 10/2019


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  • 5
    Exceptional value, excellent product for vision (and heart, brain...)

    Posted by S on 25th Apr 2018

    So relieved to have found this for my mother. I used to buy Life Extension Eye Pressure Support before they doubled the price. I know the extra profit does fund research into pycnogenol but that price margin is too extreme. ClearVision is essentially the same product for currently a quarter of the price, but most people don't know that. THANK YOU Supplement Place. And thank you that there are NO nasties in this product - no magnesium stearate, NO microcrystalline cellulose..

    Pycnogenol and Mirtoselect are patented/trademarked French maritime pine extract and bilberry extract - on the standardised patented combination they conducted research that showed reduction in IOP comparable to standard treatment eye drops. I am grateful to them for that research but when the price is doubled from what was no doubt already a profitable price, its simply not fair on people with major issues with vision.