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HeadsUp Mental Health Charity


With Your Help

With your help Supplement Place is able to make a monthly donation to HeadsUp, a charity whose aim is to get young people talking about their mental health. We are thrilled that we can contribute to such an important cause.

Who Are HeadsUp?

HeadsUp is a charity based in Devon and Worcester who work with young people, promoting understanding, raising awareness and breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

The three main aims of HeadsUP Mental Health Awareness are:

  1. To empower and equip young people to look after their mental health.
  2. To offer support and guidance to schools and youth settings to help with the overall well being of the children and young people.
  3. To help children and young people develop a whole set of personal strengths and skills that prepare them for adult life.

HeadsUp believe you can’t be too young to start looking after your mental health and offer sessions to all groups throughout primary, secondary and college ages.

HeadsUP offer FREE sessions to get young people confident in talking about mental health, empower and equip them to look after their mental health and educate on the positive relationship between mental and physical health.

Current Projects

Forward Thinking - a free session designed to educte young people on how to look after their mental health. Topics covered include:

  • The difference between mental health and mental illness
  • The media (including social media) and mental health
  • Self confidence
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Dealing with Anger

Youth Sports Clubs - free mental health awareness sessions for clubs and teams covering topis such as:

  • Signs and symptoms of mental health issues
  • Talking confidently about your mental health
  • Looking after your mental health

Mental Health Campaign Workshops - this free workshop trains young people to be champions for mental health and lead wellbeing initiatives in their school communities with an aim to prevent early mental health problems and create positive experiences of talking about mental health.

Specialist One to One Sessions - A chargeable session for young people who are struggling with their mental health. These sessions will equip and empower young people with techniques to help themselves when they are finding life difficult.

Get In Touch

Paula Baker
Mobile: 07976169053
Email: [email protected]