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Vitamin D3 and K2 Benefits

Vitamin D3 and K2 Benefits

Vitamins D3 and K2 are both essential nutrients that play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. While you may be aware of the importance of each of these vitamins individually, what you may not know is that they work in synergy to give certain major health benefits. In this blog post we will explore the numerous ways in which D3 and K2 work together to protect and support your health.

Vitamin D3 and K2 - The Teamwork Effect

Why do these two vitamins work well together?

Based on the results of many studies around the world, it has been found that while vitamin D3 ensures that calcium is efficiently absorbed, K2 plays a part in the production of osteocalcin, a protein which integrates calcium into bone. Having sufficient levels of both vitamins means that calcium can do its job effectively and in the most appropriate area, while giving protection from atherosclerosis, one of the most prevalent heart disease symptoms.

Although vitamin D is classed as a vitamin, it works as a fat-soluble hormone with all types of cells in the body having vitamin D receptors. This indicates that its functions go way beyond bone metabolism. Some of these functions are detailed in this blog but include:

  • The immune function
  • Inflammation
  • Weight management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Growth and development
  • Brain health
  • Gastrointestinal disease prevention

Vitamin K2, which plays an important role in blood clotting, bone health, cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity, also activates a substance called Matrix GLA Protein (MGP) which sticks to artery wall linings. This substance binds itself to excess calcium, helping to protect against the formation of calcium crystals which can build up and lead to arterial clogging. This process results in a more efficient blood flow and greater arterial flexibility.

Some of the health benefits supported by vitamin K2 are:

  • Bone health
  • Preventing vascular clogging of the arteries
  • Enhancing cardiovascular health
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Blood clotting
  • Neuroprotection

Emerging research and clinical trial results are continuing to give positive findings that the presence in your body of sufficient levels of both D3 and K2 give seriously meaningful health benefits.

Vitamin D3 and K2 Benefits

Bone Health

When it comes to bone health, vitamins D3 and K2 are the dynamic duo. Vitamin D3 helps your body to efficiently absorb calcium, a vital mineral for strong and healthy bones. On the other hand, vitamin K2 acts as the coordinator, ensuring that the calcium you absorb reaches your bones rather than building up in your arteries. Together, they promote optimal calcium absorption, leading to improved bone density and strength.

For several decades medical science has been studying the results of randomised controlled trials to establish the value of a combination of vitamins K2 and D3. One of the published conclusions state that this combination significantly increases total bone mineral density (BMD).

Studies have found that D3 and K2 also give support in cases of post-menopausal osteoporosis which is very good news as this is an extremely prevalent complaint.

Heart Health

Vitamins D3 and K2 contribute significantly to cardiovascular function.

Maintaining a healthy heart is crucial, and vitamins D3 and K2 contribute significantly to cardiovascular function. Vitamins K and K2 help regulate blood clotting, reducing the risk of clot-related health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, both vitamins D3 and K2 possess anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, providing an extra shield for your heart.

In cases of coronary artery calcification, studies have found the combination of vitamins D3 and K2 to give significant benefits.

Immune System Support

A robust immune system is your body's defence against infections and diseases. Vitamins D3 and K2 benefits include bolstering your immune system's effectiveness. They enhance the production and function of immune cells, helping fight off pathogens and reducing the risk of respiratory health issues. Ensuring you have sufficient levels of these vitamins will go a long way towards keeping your immune system in peak condition.

Findings based on widespread studies have emerged revealing that most of the population in the Western world is deficient in vitamin D. Recent research indicates that a scheme to optimise vitamin D blood levels could result in lessening the fatality rate from many diseases, including COVID 19, as well as counteracting the general vitamin D deficiency problem.

Healthy Ageing

Staying healthy and fit as the years go by is a very worthwhile goal, and vitamins D3 and K2 can lend a helping hand. These vitamins contribute to maintaining joint health, preventing chronic conditions like arthritis, and promoting mobility. Additionally, they support skin health, ensuring a vibrant complexion. Their influence extends to mood balance and cognitive function, giving enhanced quality of life as we age.

A combination of Vitamin D3 and K2 contributes mood balance and cognitive function, giving enhanced quality of life as we age.

Dental Health

Vitamins D3 and K2 also play a role in ensuring optimal dental health. Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both being essential minerals for healthy teeth and gums. Vitamin K2 helps prevent cavities and gum disease by promoting the proper metabolism of these minerals.

Weight Management and Muscle Strength

If you are striving to maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles, then vitamins D3 and K2 will give support. An adequate level of vitamin D3 is associated with improved weight management, while vitamin K2 supports muscle strength and performance. These vitamins are your allies in achieving your fitness goals.

Vision and Energy Production

Vitamins D3 and K2 also have a positive impact on your vision health. They can help reduce the risk of certain eye conditions and promote optimal eye function. Additionally, they play a vital role in energy production and metabolic functions, ensuring you feel energized and vibrant throughout the day.

Hormonal Balance

Maintaining hormonal balance is crucial for overall well-being. Vitamins D3 and K2 play a significant role in this aspect, supporting reproductive health, thyroid function, and blood pressure regulation. By including these vitamins in your daily routine, you are taking proactive steps towards hormonal harmony.

Prevention and Management of Diabetes

If you are concerned about diabetes prevention or management, vitamins D3 and K2 offer potential benefits. Research suggests that maintaining sufficient vitamin D3 levels may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, vitamin K2 has been associated with improved insulin sensitivity, making it an essential nutrient for managing diabetes.

Cancer Prevention

The potential for cancer prevention is another advantage of vitamins D3 and K2. Research suggests that adequate vitamin D3 levels may play a role in reducing the risk of certain cancers, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer. While clinical study results are still emerging, including these vitamins in your daily routine may contribute to overall cancer prevention.

Addressing Nutrient Deficiency

Factors such as limited sun exposure and inadequate dietary intake can lead to vitamin D deficiencies.

Nutrient deficiency is a common concern, and both vitamins D3 and K2 can be affected. Factors such as limited sun exposure and inadequate dietary intake can lead to vitamin D deficiencies. This is particularly relevant for those living in the northern hemisphere, for the elderly who may not get out into daylight enough, and if you have a dark or black skin and live in the north of the UK. Your GP can do a test to check your vitamin D levels and this will determine if your levels are low.

There is not yet an official medical guideline set for the daily intake of vitamin K2 but a daily quantity of 100 mg is recommended.

Relevant Supplements

Wholefood Vitamin D3

Our Vitamin D3 supplement is entirely plant based so is perfect if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. It is sourced from natural algae and each high strength capsule provides 2005IU.

Read more about Wholefood Vitamin D3.

Vitamin K2 MK-7

Our Vitamin K2 supplement is made using menaquinone 7 otherwise known as MK7. It is the purest, most natural, and most active form of Vitamin K available, and its properties may reap even greater health benefits when taken alongside Vitamin D3.

There are various strains of Vitamin K2. MK-4 is a synthetic version of the vitamin but in our supplement, we use only MK-7, made from natto, a Japanese soybean product which is fermented with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto. This provides the richest, fully bioactive form of K2.

Read more about Vitamin K2 MK-7.

Vitamin D3 and K2 Oral Spray

Our vitamin D3 and K2 oral spray delivery the recommended daily dose of both vitamins to ensure that calcium is kept out of your arteries and is delivered to your bones where it is needed.

Read more about Vitamin D3 and K2 Oral Spray.

Key Takeaways

  • Vitamins D3 and K2 benefits include promoting strong and healthy bones.
  • These vitamins contribute to heart health by supporting proper blood clotting and reducing inflammation.
  • They enhance the effectiveness of the immune system, protecting against infections and respiratory health issues.
  • Vitamins D3 and K2 play a crucial role in healthy aging, including joint health, skin health, mood balance, and cognitive function.
  • Dental health can benefit from the intake of vitamins D3 and K2.
  • These vitamins aid in weight management and muscle strength.
  • Vision health and energy production are positively influenced by vitamins D3 and K2.
  • Hormonal balance, including reproductive health and blood pressure regulation, can be supported by these vitamins.
  • Vitamins D3 and K2 may contribute to the prevention and management of diabetes.
  • They show potential for reducing the risk of certain cancers.

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