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Curcumin (Turmeric extract) with Black Pepper

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Free UK Delivery over £39


Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Capsules with Black Pepper Extract

750mg - Equivalent to 7,500mg per Capsule

Manufactured to our own specification in the UK, this is the most powerful powdered Curcumin product we have seen. Two vegan capsules contain the equivalent of 15g of raw turmeric in an extract standardised to 95% Curcuminoids, providing a huge 1,425mg Curcuminoids per two capsules. Plus, the added BioPerine® from black pepper ensures the highest bioavailability.


The percentage of curcuminoids is broken down as:

  • Curcumin - 75.7%
  • Demethoxycurcumin - 17.7%
  • Bis-demethoxycurcumin - 2.41%

TOTAL = 95.81%



  • 2 capsules daily with or after food.

Ingredients (per capsule)

  • Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) 10:1 extract 750mg (equivalent to 7,500mg) standardised to >95% Curcurminoids (providing 750mg)
  • Black Pepper 25:1 Extract 5mg
  • Vegan HPMC capsule size 00.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Curcumin may slow blood clotting so should be used with caution if taken with medication that slows the clotting of blood.

Country of origin

  • The curcumin supplement is from India.
  • The capsules are manufactured in the UK.

Why Take Tumeric Root Extract and Black Pepper?

The human body finds it difficult to absorb turmeric extract alone. It is estimated that up to 80% of the active ingredient, Curcumin, can't be used by the body without the addition of black pepper extract. It is the black pepper extract that helps the absorption process of tumeric and allows you to reap the full benefits of curcumin.


Current Batch Number: 2200454

Current Best Before Date: 06/2024


* Product reviews are the opinions of customers. Individual results may vary from person to person



  • 5
    An excellent product

    Posted by Anne Dale on 31st May 2022

    I used this on my dog who had cancer and kept him alive for another three years. I would heartily recommend it.

  • 5
    All products

    Posted by Ray Hedger on 21st May 2022

    I have been buying from Supplement Place for years and regard service and quality of products as excellent. Long may they continue. Both my wife and I (who are getting on a bit) have and do feel the benefits of a long term regime of healthy fresh diet and quality supplements.

  • 5
    Curcumin&black pepper extract

    Posted by Annbourke on 2nd May 2022

    Very satisfied

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Ange on 17th Apr 2022

    I started going through the peri menopause and my nutritionist recommended this product. It definitely works and I would highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Curcumin & Black Pepper Extract

    Posted by Vince on 29th Mar 2022

    The benefit which I most noticeably seem to be deriving from this supplement is much reduced overall muscle soreness following physical training sessions. I only take a minimum number of supplements - some on a cyclical basis - but this one is probably going to be a regular staple for me.

  • 5
    Curcumin and Black Pepper Extract

    Posted by Carolyn Needham on 24th Jan 2022

    Excellent product ! The best one on the market for keeping my severely arthritic ankle happy. Great customer service too and quick delivery.

  • 5

    Posted by Vince on 18th Jan 2022

    I have only been taking these capsules for 4 weeks, so I was initially reuctant to award 5 stars. However, whilst I don't have any ongoing joint-pain issues as such, I noticed quite soon after taking this supplement that I am recovering much quicker from the muscle soreness which usually follows my daily calisthenic workouts. Whatever other benefits this supplement may confer, therefore, that alone is worth 'full marks' to me!

  • 5
    Vastly superior quality

    Posted by Ray on 13th Jan 2022

    Supplement place tests this product for lead and heavy metals making it a very high quality supplement.
    I would suggest you research how beneficial curcumin is for a wide range of health benefits and add this above all to your daily supplement regime.

  • 5
    Opinion of company

    Posted by Vivienne monks on 5th Dec 2021

    Excellent company to deal with. Goods came very promptly ,definitely will use this firm again.

  • 5
    Curcumin and blackpepper extract

    Posted by raymond McSweeney on 24th Aug 2021

    Magic stuff !!!!!! Hugely better than any of the several other "Turmeric" products I have tried. Definitely and positively said a complete goodbye to back ache/pain as opposed to having little or no perceivable effect. All at a very competitive price. Well Done.

  • 5
    Curcumin with black pepper extract

    Posted by Carolyn on 17th Aug 2021

    Excellent product and excellent service. I take this daily for severe osteoarthritis in my ankle and simply cannot manage without it! It’s anti-inflammatory action reduces my pain to almost nil.

  • 5
    Real Curcumin Extract

    Posted by Graham on 4th Aug 2021

    Ordered on 16 June, arrived by Royal Mail on 19 June, nearly as fast as Amazon which usually takes two days. Both of H&B powdered turmeric supplements contain whole ground turmeric root, rather than the extracted compound, curcumin, they are not sufficiently potent to provide anti-inflaminatory and other specific clinical benefits. Supplement Place use only extracted curcumin in their powdered turmeric products. Their supplements also contain the required level of added piperine. This ensures the highest possible bioavailability of curcumin. The recommended dose of 2 capsules per day contains the equivalent of 15,000mg of a curcumin extract, standardised to 95% curcuminoids, providing a huge 1,425mg of curcuminoids per two capsules.