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15th February 2021

Menopause Supplements Trial Results

Menopause Supplements Trial Results

In 2019 we created, by means of our nutritional expertise and the powerhouse of healing provided by Mother Nature, two new supplements specifically to support women through the physical and emotional rollercoaster of menopause and perimenopause. The supplements, which were the subject of our study, consist of two different blends of natural herbal compounds known to help with the side effects experienced by so many women during menopause.

Menopause Day and Menopause Night Capsules can naturally support you through the Menopause.

The Menopause Support Day supplement is designed to target hot flushes, mood swings, fatigue and to balance hormones.

The Menopause Support Night supplement is to ease the problems of night sweats, anxiety, restlessness and to balance hormones.

The Aim of Our Trial

Because these two products were new to the market, we decided to undertake an effectiveness trial to get feedback from women currently experiencing menopausal symptoms. The aim was to positively establish the success rate, or otherwise, of the supplements and in particular, to provide verification of how the supplements affect the various side effects associated with both perimenopause and full menopause.

The protocol of the trial involved issuing eligible participants with an initial questionnaire to establish the main menopausal symptoms experienced. After the questionnaires were completed and returned, each participant was given a six-week supply of the day and night capsules, after which a second questionnaire was sent out, together with a further six weeks course of supplements. A final questionnaire was then issued, and the outcome of our study was based only on the findings taken from those women who had completed both six-week courses of supplements and fully answered all three questionnaires. We are delighted to share with you the results of the trial.

Results of the Menopause Trial

Reduction in Instances at End of Supplement Trial results

Menopause Supplement Trial results - Instances at Start of Trial vs Instances at End of Trial

As you can see from the chart and graph, there are very significant reductions in the negative effects of the most commonly experienced symptoms over the twelve weeks of the trial.

Comments and Quotes Pre-Trial

Here are some of the comments and quotes (verbatim) we received from the start of the trial, before supplementation began:

  • Lack of energy and motivation and struggle to work
  • Can’t stop crying
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sweating is very embarrassing, especially in meetings with men
  • Unable to function at full capacity which I find extremely frustrating
  • Lack of sleep makes it harder to focus on things during the day, together with fatigue
  • Lack of sleep due to night sweats make me feel tired regularly
  • Can’t concentrate and the depression are the worst
  • Tired, irritable, lack of concentration, anxious and lack of sleep doesn’t help
  • Makes me feel fed up
  • Restrict what clothes I can wear, and make me feel very self-conscious as I go so red. Lack of sleep makes me feel low, and makes coping with things difficult and gives me poor concentration
  • Feel very tired, forgetful, teary and mood changes drastically
  • It is affecting my work, my mood my sleep
  • Hot flushes during the day make working in an office difficult. Also, lack of sleep due to night sweats is very debilitating
  • It slows me down e.g. housework – cooking + cleaning and sex life, what’s that?
  • Night sweats decrease good sleep, so consequently am more tired. Hot flushes, sweat breakout unsightly at work
  • Constantly tired, embarrassing sweats
  • It has changed my personality. I can be very extreme upbeat one minute, floods of tears the next. Snappy

Feedback at the End of the Trial

Now here are some of the comments/quotes (verbatim) after 12 weeks of taking the supplements:

  • Though I still get hot at night, I feel like I go back to sleep faster
  • Symptoms seem to have reduced in severity, although they haven’t disappeared altogether
  • Reduced itchiness and leaky bladder
  • Leaky bladder virtually non-existent now
  • The night-time supplement helps with night sweats and sleep
  • No hot flushes, no night sweats. I can sleep!
  • Reduced night sweats, anxiety and low mood
  • Didn’t really notice how much they were helping until I came off the supplements
  • Less flushes during the day. Sleeping better
  • Made me feel more energised, lowered my mood
  • The supplements helped me to sleep a bit better and with the hot flushes during the day
  • Less night sweats, sleeping better. Less hot flushes. Less low mood
  • Less vaginal dryness, better sleep at night. Reduced night sweats, periods restarted!
  • Moods have stabilised a lot, feel calmer and no anxiety. I’ve never been an anxious person, but it started about 9 months before the trial so put it down to pre-menopausal as some of the anxiety was out of control for the littlest thing and the silliest of things. Since trial this has stopped

Findings and Conclusion

Finally, we asked the question: Would you recommend the supplements to someone experiencing menopausal symptoms?

93% of the women included in our trial said they would recommend our Menopause Day and Night supplements to someone experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The conclusion, the results of the trial were highly positive and gives reassurance that Menopause Day and Menopause Night capsules provide safe, natural and effective support during a time when hormonal fluctuations can result in a diverse range of issues which invariably bring discomfort, anxiety and stress. The vast majority of the women taking part in the trial found significant relief from taking these supplements.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our menopause support natural products, you can give us a call on 01297 553932 or email: [email protected]

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