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Red Maca Root

Red Maca Root

Red Maca Root

It’s not only the vibrant colour that sets it apart from other maca varieties, with its high phytonutrient content, red maca root provides significant benefits to women. Read on to discover the very specific and unique properties that make red maca the supplement of choice both for fertility and improved libido.

A Bit of History

The root of the maca plant has a rich nutritional value and an impressive array of health benefits. It has been used for centuries by the people of the high-altitude regions of the Peruvian Andes where it has grown for thousands of years. During the past few decades its fame has been spreading, and gathering momentum throughout much of the world as its properties proved their worth. Maca is now classed as a superfood.

Maca root is unusual in that its nutrients affect men and women differently. A further unique point of interest is that maca comes in three colours, and each of these have varying properties, bringing different sets of health benefits.

The variety of maca which is coloured red is known for its exceptional ability to help women with fertility issues. It also gives support to women if they wish to boost their libido.

You may wonder how people first realised that maca has these properties. Archaeological evidence shows that around ten thousand years ago maca grew wild in the areas around the Andes mountains of Peru where the indigenous people lived and farmed. The legend is that those who kept cattle became aware of the powers of maca when they noticed that livestock grazing in areas where it grew were significantly healthier and produced more calves than animals who were grazing on other parts of the land.

This led to people trying maca themselves and finding they were getting similar results in terms of improved health, and increased fertility. They also discovered that it had a positive effect on their libido. This caused maca root to gain its reputation as a fertility booster and it became of high value. During the time of the Incan empire, due to its aphrodisiac and fertility properties, maca became one of the desirable commodities used as currency or taken as taxes by the empire leaders.

Even after the demise of the Incan empire, maca held its ground. It survived the centuries when the Spanish colonized the areas, and it was still consistently used for its health boosting, aphrodisiac, and fertility properties. Today Peruvian medical practitioners use maca as first-line help for women trying to conceive.

Scientific studies into maca’s folk reputation have established that it contains compounds which help balances hormones, and this helps with regular ovulation. Maca has also been shown to be a nutritional powerhouse, and this factor also supports enhanced fertility. Red maca root has been found to be the best of all the maca varieties to help boost fertility.

Maca For Fertility

Red maca root has been found to enhance fertility.


There are various ways in which maca, and red maca, has been found to contribute to enhanced fertility. They are:


One of the most traditionally well-known health benefits of the maca root is that it helps with heightened sex drive. Scientists decided to study this effect to discover if it worked, and if so, how. In 2002 a study was conducted amongst both male and female participants, and it was concluded that taking 1.5 grams of maca each day resulted in the participants having a higher libido than the placebo group.

A further study in 2015 found that maca could be effective to women with sexual dysfunctional issues, particularly when taking antidepressants. The study reported improved sexual desire after 12 weeks of supplementing with maca, so it may not necessarily be a quick fix.

Stress Relief

Maca is an adaptogenic herb and this is thought to be the chief reason that it helps the body cope with stress. It does this by improving the healthy functioning of the endocrine system and supporting the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This then means a more balanced release of hormones. When the hormone levels are right, this makes for a better chance of conceiving, also for a more successful pregnancy.


Quite often there can be a higher presence of oestrogen than progesterone. This condition is known as oestrogen dominance, and it is thought to play a part when there are difficulties in both conceiving and carrying to term. Maca’s positive effect on oestrogen levels could be a helpful part of keeping hormones at a healthy balance which leads to more reliable reproduction.

A further advantage of having proper hormonal balance is that during menopause, hot flushes and sleep problems are eased.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can often be a problem for women, both when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Maca has been found to help with blood pressure regulation. The results of a 2015 study found that women taking 3.3 grams of maca per day for three months, had lowered blood pressure.

Vitamins and Nutrients

When trying to conceive, also during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is essential to have proper nutrition with all the necessary vitamins. Maca root is known to be a high source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, iodine, manganese, zinc, and a small amount of iron. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C and D. When it comes to protein, maca is an excellent source of all nine essential amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. This cocktail of healthy nutrients is why maca is known as a superfood.

How Red Maca Root Helps with General Health

Red maca can help with general health


Immune System

Red maca root acts as a potent immune system booster, helping to strengthen your body’s natural defences. By providing essential vitamins and antioxidants, red maca supports immune function and helps ward off illnesses.


Red maca’s antioxidant properties help to reduce inflammation which protects against chronic diseases and promotes vitality.

Strong Bones and Efficient Muscle Recovery

These are essential for an active and healthy lifestyle. Red maca root contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are all vital for bone health. Additionally, its amino acid content aids in muscle repair, reducing recovery time and enhancing physical performance.

Cardiovascular Health

This is supported by improved blood circulation and a healthy blood pressure and maca’s vasodilatory effects improve blood flow and enhance nutrient absorption helping cardiovascular function.

Healthy Skin

Primarily achieved from within, healthy skin makes a huge difference to how you both look and feel. A youthful glow brings pleasure and confidence and maca’s antioxidant properties help combat free radicals, promoting a healthy and youthful complexion and greater softness and elasticity to the skin that covers the whole of you, not only your face.

Weight Management and Metabolism

Maintaining a healthy weight and efficient metabolism is essential for overall wellness. Red maca supports weight management by increasing feelings of satiety and reducing cravings. It also has a stimulating effect of the metabolism, aiding in the efficient breakdown of nutrients and promoting a healthy weight.


A well-functioning digestive system is key to optimal health. Red Maca root aids digestion by promoting a healthy gut flora and regulating bowel movements.

Stamina and Endurance

Whether you are an athlete or simply striving for an active lifestyle, red maca can help with energy levels. This is due to its combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which improve stamina and endurance.

Mood Enhancer

Red maca root boosts mood, reduces anxiety and depression and promotes overall well-being.

Adding Red Maca Root to Your Diet

It’s possible to get red maca in various forms. You could add it in powdered form to smoothies, overnight oats or yogurt. It’s recommended that you take 1-3 teaspoons per day.

Many women are finding it easy and convenient to take maca as a daily supplement. Our maca is a blend of all three varieties of the herb, giving maximum benefit from all its many properties. Read about Maca Root Extract.


Ten Key Takeaways

  • Red Maca is a natural aphrodisiac, improving fertility and enhancing libido.
  • It is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Red maca acts as an immune system booster, supporting health and wellbeing.
  • It enhances energy levels and promotes hormonal balance for increased vitality.
  • Red maca’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.
  • It helps reduce stress levels and improves mental clarity, giving enhanced cognitive function.
  • Red maca root supports bone health, muscle recovery, and cardiovascular wellbeing.
  • It aids digestion, promotes blood flow and enhances stamina and endurance.
  • It boosts mood and aids in weight management and metabolism.
  • Red maca has a rich traditional background as a safe and effective adaptogen.

Further Reading

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