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K•REAL® Red Krill Oil (500mg) Capsules

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K•REAL® Pure Krill Oil 500mg

Naturally Packed with Omega 3 and Antioxidants  
We have switched to K•REAL® Krill Oil, as it contains high levels of EPA and DHA (Omega 3) and more Astaxanthin per capsule than our previous brand. K•REAL® Krill Oil is also more stable, more easily absorbed by the body and it's unique composition eliminates unpleasant 'fishy burps'.


  • One or two capsules daily.


  • 500mg Pure Red Krill Oil providing Marine Phospholipids 216mg
  • Total Omega 3 123mg (EPA 59mg, DHA 34mg)
  • Astaxanthin 200mcg
  • The capsule is made from marine gelatin and glycerin


  • If you are allergic to fish or shellfish, do not use this product.
  • This product is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

What makes K•REAL® Krill Oil better than fish oil, cod liver oil or generic Omega 3 capsules?

Our Krill Oil is extracted from Euphausia superba, from Krill fisheries in the Antarctic. It provides Omega 3 in phospholipid and triglyceride form, which is much more stable and more easily absorbed by the body than the triglyceride form found in most fish oils. The Astaxanthin content also helps its stability as well as providing benefits to the eyes and the brain. This powerful, deep red antioxidant is produced naturally by krill, but may not be present in fish oil, depending on the type of fish used to produce it, allowing oxidation to occur and making the fish oil rancid and potentially poisonous. K•REAL® Krill Oil is not your average omega 3 capsule. It far exceeds fish oil and other sources in terms or effectiveness, strength, safety and sustainability.

  • Nearly 100% free of environmental contaminants (as opposed to other marine sources of omega 3).
  • A higher concentration of EPA & DHA.
  • Contains the antioxidant astaxanthin (which gives the capsules their red colour and acts as a natural preservative).
  • More easily assimilated into the cells.
  • Capsules are smaller and mix with the stomach contents, avoiding digestive upset or reflux.
  • It's unique Multi-Stage Oil Extraction Process ( MSO®) means that the Omega 3 content remains as high at the end of the shelf life as at the beginning.
  • Halal certified.

K•REAL® krill oil products, sourced from sustainable fisheries, are eligible to bear the “Friend of  the Sea” seal identifying their origin from a sustainable source, and providing consumers with a guarantee of sustainability and effective fishery management.

Sustainability of Antarctic krill harvesting is crucial for marine life of the Southern Ocean, which is closely monitored by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

For more information on K•REAL® Krill

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  • 5
    Krill oil

    Posted by Kevin Higgins on 22nd Jan 2018

    These krill oil are brill for the price and far better for you then cod liver oil...thanks supplement place

  • 4
    Red Krill Oil

    Posted by Desire Schultz on 10th Dec 2017

    A good product, easy to ingest, good quality. Will undoubtedly buy back.

  • 5
    Immediate Improvement!

    Posted by Holly on 1st Aug 2017

    I suffer with back and neck problems which means constant aches, headaches, and trouble sleeping. After taking Liquid Curcumin and Krill Oil for a week I notice a definite improvement. Aches are less, sleep is better and general feeling of wellbeing is improved :D

  • 5
    Real red krill oil

    Posted by Sharon Clarke on 5th Jun 2017


  • 5
    red krill

    Posted by David Higginson on 9th Nov 2016

    Excellent product and price plus prompt delivery as per normal Thank you.

  • 5
    Excellent service

    Posted by Esther Ajayi on 19th Aug 2016

    Speedy delivery and good quality product

  • 5
    Very good service, price and product

    Posted by Gloria Garofalo on 3rd Jun 2016

    I am very meticulous when it comes to buying supplements as I carry out a lot of research. I am pleased to say that Supplement Place were very helpful and prompt with their response when I asked to provide certification and further details about the product. We are trying the product out right now, so we shall see the results, but it would seem Krill oil has many benefits.

  • 5
    Good Value

    Posted by Patrick Fox on 12th May 2016

    Good Value and quick delivery. Higher quality than other brands.

  • 5
    Value and quality

    Posted by John Mc Elhinney on 27th Jul 2015

    Great value for a quality product, with speedy despatch.