Turmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper Capsules
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 Turmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper CapsulesTurmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper Capsules 

Turmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper Capsules

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Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Capsules with Black Pepper Extract

750mg Equivalent to 7,500 mg per Capsule

What is it? Curcumin (turmeric extract) 750mg with black pepper extract in a vegetable cellulose capsule.

Dosage: 2 capsules daily with or after food.

Ingredients (per capsule): Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) extract 750mg (equivalent to 7,500mg) standardised to >95% Curcurminoids (providing 750mg), Black Pepper 25:1 Extract 5mg, vegetable cellulose capsule size 00

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Contraindications: Curcumin may slow blood clotting so should be used with caution if taken with medication that slows the clotting of blood.

Country of origin: The curcumin supplement is from India. The capsules are manufactured in the UK.

What is Turmeric extract taken for? Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in traditional and natural medicine for a whole range of health complaints. Turmeric is one of the most studied herbs with literally hundreds of scientific papers written on it's effects. Confusingly, the active ingredients in turmeric are called Curcuminoids, the principal being called Curcumin. Curcumin is produced from the roots of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa), and has nothing to do with the herb Cumin, produced from the seeds of the cumin plant (Cuminum cyminum).

In modern times curcumin and turmeric extract capsules have been extensively studied and found to have numerous benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, ease symptoms of arthritis and increase levels of antioxidants.Turmeric extract capsules can also contribute towards improved brain functions such as memory, decrease oxidisation of the blood and also help to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Curcumin also contains beta-carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium, flavonoids, fibre, iron, niacin, potassium, zinc and other nutrients.

Why is inflammation damaging? Did you know that cancer, heart disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, along with many others, are all classed as inflammatory diseases? Inflammation is the body's own defence to protect against disease, but a diet that includes sugar, cheap vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates stimulates this anti-inflammatory defence to protect against "unnatural foods".

Your GP may recommend eating a "balanced" diet but that may include bread from bleached, processed flour, cereals with little fibre and lots of sugar, tinned vegetables with added salt, sugar, colours and preservatives. A "balanced" diet such as this will keep your body's anti-inflammatory response running at full speed, trying to target and neutralise the inflammation-promoting foods.

Why Tumeric Root Extract and Black Pepper? The human body finds it difficult to absorb turmeric extract alone. It is estimated that up to 80% of the active ingredient, Curcumin, can't be used by the body without the addition of black pepper extract. It is the black pepper extract that helps the absorption process of tumeric and allows you to reap the full benefits of curcumin.

Manufactured to our own specification in the UK, this is the most powerful powdered Curcumin product we have seen. Two vegetarian capsules contain the equivalent of 15,000mg of a Curcumin Extract standardised to 95% Cucurminoids, providing a huge 1,425mg per two capsules. Plus, the added BioPerine®, from black pepper, ensures the highest bioavailability.


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Great anti inflammatory
Monday, 8 January 2018  |  Jane

I take this along with the probiotic gold and they keep my diverticular disease under control. Also great for arthritic pain. Highly recommend this excellent quality supplement!

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Great for fighting colds.
Saturday, 2 December 2017  |  Vicki

Didn't think these tablets were having much effect until it came to the dreaded winter cold & flu season. Both me & my husband normally get hit with a bad cold at the 1st sign of one going around, and in fact we have been surrounded by friends & colleagues that have been full of a virus but we have not gone on to develop it which is extremely unusual for us. The only thing we do differently now to any other time, is take these tablets every day. So yes we would certainly recommend this product especially to be taken during the long winter season.

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For dogs as well
Sunday, 19 November 2017  |  Lado

A poodle of mine had been prescribed cortisone for 6 years - the recommended duration being 3-4 months! As she was getting older and weaker, the cortisone side-effects started to threaten her health to the same extent as the original illness, which was Addison's (disfunction of the adrenal glands).
In order to help her with the cortisone induced colitis (bowel inflammation), I reduced the cortisone (stopping it could be life-threatening) and gave her a combination of curcumin capsules, licorice solution and nigella sativa oil. With the curcumin (one capsule a day) the colitis got better and the diarrhea stopped at once - astonishing, I wouldn't dare to dream of something like that. The combination of the two substances, mentioned above, without curcumin did not show the same effect, better: did not show any effect upon colitis at all.
So curcumin seems to be THE medicine against inflammation in the years to come.

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10/10 for thinking out of the box Lado!

tumeric capsules
Wednesday, 15 November 2017  |  George

very prompt delivery,, product seems ok,,,so all in all no problem

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Happy all round!
Monday, 30 October 2017  |  Shon

Happy with your prompt service for both my first and second orders. I have waited to be quite sure, but I'm now certain that the Turmeric and black pepper capsules have made a huge difference to my knees, which were extremely painful with arthritis. I had to give up my daily walks, but am now able to walk, admittedly shorter distances, with little pain and much more flexibility. I am so happy, thought it might have been hopeful imagination, but it's fact. I don't suppose for a moment that my knees are cured, but they no longer inform my life, I can get on with living!! Thank you!

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That is really good news Shon and we are happy to be able to help

Wednesday, 18 October 2017  |  Julia

Great packaging, easy to open.
Turmeric seems to ease pain of early arthritis in hands and knees

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Efficient and prompt service
Saturday, 14 October 2017  |  Irene

Very pleased with the prompt delivery. Too soon to say if they relieve back pain but am hopeful after seeing other reviews!

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Saturday, 14 October 2017  |  Eileen

I've held off from giving a review to see if they worked for me as they're supposed to, and I'm very happy to say they do. Stiffness has gone to such a degree that I can now stand up, after being seated for an hour, with no problem at all. Before taking them I had to use a chair to pull myself up and also to hold on to till I was able to stand properly. I've changed nothing, just started taking the tablets, and am happy to give them 5 stars, they certainly work for me. The service and delivery from Supplement Place was also 5 star. Thank you very much.

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Excellent news Eileen, we are very pleased for you!

curcumin (turmeric) extract black pepper
Tuesday, 10 October 2017  |  Semral

Within few days noticed 99 1/2 % of my stiff finger joints CLEARED.
Will see in a few months if it reverses/stalls my Osteopena.
Pleased with the service too,will re-order 👍

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Good Service
Tuesday, 26 September 2017  |  Deborah

Service excellent - too early to tell if curcumin has any effect!

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